Monday, June 26, 2006

Dr. B and the tiny dancer

I have an 8 month old little girl. She was born with a fairly severe club foot. I was walking the OB ward during our second evening post-delivery pushing my little girl in her bassinet only to have several nurses ask to "check her out," which I had quickly come to realize meant they wanted to see her tiny little feet--one perfect and one turned so awkward.
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As we rounded a corner, I heard one nurse say, "That mom is so relaxed about her baby's foot." I thought, "well, what am I going to do about it? I can't change it--she's perfectly made to me." I'm off topic...let me regroup. It took three weeks to get in to see the pediatric orthopeadist in town--there are only 3 in my state. He was amazing. He quickly outlined her care in a concise, even-toned manner and promptly said, "She is perfect--we're going to fix her so that she is absolutely complete. She will walk. She will run. She will dance until she exhausts herself." And then he hugged me and said, "See you next week." For the next ten weeks, he saw us each week as he carefully changed her casts and checked her progress. He held her when they put her to sleep for surgery when she was 8 weeks old. He was holding her when they brought me to her after the surgery, despite the fact that he had other patients waiting for their surgery. He helped me put her in her first post-cast dress (no dresses while she was wearing casts because she rubbed her little foot against the cast). We were devastated when we found out he was moving to another state. We want only the absolute best for him and his family. He arranged for my little girl to have the next best care in our state. Thank you, Dr. B, if you're out there. When she walks, we're sending you pictures. We're so thankful for everything you did to help us!!!

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