Monday, June 26, 2006

the surgeon and the boo-boo

When Anthony had stitches from his transplant coming out of his scar, we had to go to the pediatric surgeon in town to have it fixed. This is the surgeon who would have performed Anthony's Kasai had Anthony HAD a Kasai done...and he's the one who advocated for Anthony to be seen by the best GI Louisiana had to offer.

Anyway, to prepare Anthony for going to the doctor, I talked about the surgeon, what he was going to do ("He's just going to LOOK at your boo-boo right now") and asked Anthony if he had any questions. His one and only question was "See Dr Loe? Fix boo-boo?" "Yes." "OK, Mommy!"
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When the surgeon walked into the exam room, Anthony pulled up his shirt, pointed to the spot on his scar and said, "Dere it is! Dere's Anthony boo-boo!"

I was so shocked...Anthony hates going to doctors' offices, and HATE having his tummy looked at. He will usually cry and scream just when the doctor listens to him with the stethescope (even though we have one at home that we play with). But, he loves this doctor...even more than his wonderfully sweet and gentle pediatrician.

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